March 25, 2020

With dynamic factors of today effecting purchasing behavior, it is more than likely that marketing initiatives you had previously adopted with success will not be generating the market response that you are used to. What now?

So what does this mean for brands that speak to Mums?

The good news is that Mums are still buying non-essential products for her family and children.

In fact, our recent poll showed that beyond toilet paper, pasta and the noted panic buying, 34% of Mums have been buying other items she wouldn’t normally purchase.

Some categories are booming. (If you’re looking to buy puzzles at the moment, good luck!)

Mums’ out of the ordinary spending has been allocated to:

  • 45% Toys/Games/Puzzles/Craft
  • 26% Health/Hygiene Products
  • 26% Food brands you’ve never tried
  • 3% DIY Products/home improvements

@Tegan_jean (Via Instagram)

We have outlined 7 steps to Increase Your Value Proposition, as told to us by Mums themselves:

1. Be personable: “Don’t be pushy or salesy. Be genuine, talk to me like a person”

In all your touchpoints, ensure your customer feels like she is engaging with a person not a brand, and focus on educating so they can be empowered to make informed buying

2. Add value to your current and potential customer’s life. “Show me how your brand delivers inspiration, information that will benefit me/my family”

Go beyond delivering on the actual transaction point. For example, share info (article), spread inspiration (how-to tutorials), provide samples, resources (e-books), online tools that benefit.

3. Lower barriers to a sale and eliminate risk in path to purchase. “I hate post-purchase regret; when I doubt myself for buying something.”

Make it easier for her to buy your brand. Review your returns policy, money back guarantees, give peace of mind, address online hiccups, offer bonus perks such as free shipping.

4. Deliver brilliant customer service. “Yes – I want fireworks. I want to know I’m more than a number to you.”

Step up where others won’t before the sale and also after, with post-purchase check in. Be super helpful and memorable for the right reasons to improve the customer service experience overall

5. Show Empathy: “Show me that you know how Mums feel atm. And how will your product really assist.”

The only way you can show empathy, is if you are in the minds of your customer. Research, discover what your customers are experiencing and feeling and craft messages that reflect this. She’ll know.

6. Maintain relationships: “I’m open to getting to know you, but give me space and time”

Respectfully stay top of mind. When she is ready for the actual sale, it is your brand and your relationship-building efforts she remembers. Plant the seed today to be fruitful tomorrow.

7. Demonstrate Proof: “Show me proof why this is the perfect brand for me. Support your claims. Have other parents and influencers be your billboard to other parents”.

Proof lowers buyer resistance and can be demonstrated via: trials, real mum stories, word of mouth/referrals, testimonials, case studies

What will you do to increase your worth?