March 21, 2022

What percentage of the household buying decisions are left to Mums?


New 2022 data insights by Mumpower reveals how Australian Mothers shop, decide and buy today.

The research investigation with thousands of Mum Shoppers explores buying trends and preferences for every single market category, from baby, beauty, home, health, food, fashion, fmcg, finance, holidays, automotive, entertainment and more. It also uncovers the demand for online shopping versus in-person shopping for all products, explores the path to purchase, sources of influence, current buying motivators and frustrations and exactly how brands can strengthen relationships and revenue with this audience.

In this article we explore exactly what influence Mums have over how household funds are spent across each product category.

General Insights

There are over 6 Million Mums in Australian and in general, over 76% of them are in charge of household discretionary spend. This figure significantly jumps up for certain categories.

What percentage of Mums are involved in the initial buying decision?

  • Automotive: 54% of Mums
  • Baby/Childrens (under $100): 91% of Mums
  • Baby/Childrens (over $100): 90% of Mums
  • Beauty: 95% of Mums
  • Eating Out & Entertainment: 85% of Mums
  • Fashion: 92% of Mums
  • Financial Services/Insurance/Utilities: 70% of Mums
  • Health/Wellbeing: 94% of Mums
  • Home Appliances/Homewares: 85% of Mums
  • Home DIY/Building/Services: 65% of Mums
  • Supermarket: 97% of Mums
  • Travel/Holidays: 70% of Mums



Then when it comes the final decision to purchase – in most instances this rests with her.

There are category exceptions that involve partners to a greater extent including: Automotive, Financial Services/Insurance/Utilities, Home diy/building/services and Travel/Holidays


Why does this matter for brands?

This information if relevant for brands who sell products that Mums buy – either for themselves, their homes or their family because as a buying group, evidence shows it is still Mums who are largely the gatekeepers to the household budget. Therefore brands that have a greater understanding about the customer today are better equipped to execute a marketing strategy that ultimately leads to more relationships and revenue with Australian Mums.

The full 2022 Q1 Market Research insights in Australian Mothers Shopping habits will be shared in an upcoming Mumpower free Webinar. Express interest in attending here.