June 27, 2022

Influencer with phone

We reveal the latest predictions from our Mum-Influencer network to integrate into your marketing strategy for the 2nd half of 2022.


The growth in influencer marketing continues to build via new platforms, the rise of the next generation of content creators and the greater amount of partnerships between brands and influencers being forged.

We tapped into our network of more than 2000 Mum-Influencers who reach more than to 6.5 million Mums and invited them to predict the top trends on the rise in the world of content creation.  This is what you need to do to future proof your Mum Influencer Marketing Campaigns.

  1. Visual video content will dominate as an essential way to educate and compel audiences.

“Short vlogs or films will be a hit this year. Snippets of your day that include the products you genuinely use.” – Klaudine, VIC

  1. Brands will leverage how they work with influencers to create more bespoke and evergreen content for brand to repurpose in advertising, websites and other digital marketing campaigns.

“Using an influencer to capture high quality images for their own use means businesses get ‘real life’ images at often the fraction of the price of a professional photo studio,” – Sky, NSW


3. More ‘real, unscripted content’ will drive engagement – a move away from curated, heavily edited content.

“Authenticity is going to be the prime driver for audience engagement. Walking the talk has never been more important” – Kerry, QLD

4. Rise in integration of Nano (very small) influencers into proactive strategy to elevate campaigns alongside Micro-Influencers and fuel grassroots word of mouth of Mums.

“The influencer pool will become more saturated with influencers having to work harder to be seen.” – Kim, VIC

5. Authenticity enforced in product reviews and recommendations such as demonstrated proof of long term use and longer brand partnerships.

“We need to see stricter guidelines to ensure the influencer has genuinely used the product to provide real reviews.” – Amy, NSW

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