November 2, 2023

Rani Engineer with Remington hairdryer

Talking through experience, if beauty brands want to increase market share, it’s time to target mums. 


Mums are time poor, working more than ever before and want to look and feel their best – for themselves. Yet, more often than not, Mums are not the obvious avatar of choice for all beauty brands.

That’s why we need to celebrate Remington for going above and beyond to foster relationships with Mums and increase share of voice in the process to become the brand that more mums know, love, trust and buy!

Check out Remington’s momentous journey with the Mum Shopper as well as 5 effective steps to success from their campaign that any brand can benefit from beautifully! (see what we did there 😉)


Remington, a powerhouse global brand recognised mums were a key demographic they weren’t maximising in this competitive market. After all, Mums are time poor, working more and still want to feel and look their best – that’s where Remington could step in and support them with quality everyday solutions that celebrate them as women and not just Mums.

Remington needed a smart, fast, effective way to spread the word and came to Mumpower.

Mumpower shaped a high-impact growth marketing campaign designed to increase visibility and build brand recognition alongside establishing advocacy through a combination of:

  • Mum Influencer Marketing and User Generated Content
  • Product Reviews
  • Influencer Marketing Events

Why use it?

Over a 12-month partnership, Remington utilised these initiatives and benefited with a campaign that delivered:

  • Mass reach: Direct access to over 4M+ Australian Mums!
  • Full content calendar: 135 pieces of brand-ready repurposable content!
  • Powerful engagement: 14% average campaign engagement rate!
  • Established relationships: with 40 quality, aligned and best fit Mum Influencers
  • Brand trust: 200+ product reviews including 149 x 5-star reviews!

Ultimately, this partnership has fast-tracked Remington’s’ brand awareness, trust and ignited the pinnacle of social proof – Mum-to-Mum word of mouth recommendations and paved the way for another exciting partnership continuing in 2024.

Remington Brand & Communications Manager, Nena Zimmer was:

“rapt with how well it went and how different the content was and how great the emotional connection was with mums. It went so well when we re-posted on our socials, it was just great to see that it really resonates not just with the individual followers of the influencers but also our own followers.”

Remington were also

“extremely happy with the quality of the reviews – very considered and detailed, not just star ratings. It’s been a really successful campaign.”

5 Mum Marketing Tips to campaign success

The beauty about this campaign is that what worked for Remington to scale awareness, engagement and endorsement will work for any brand, from beauty and beyond. Here are 5 effective steps to success from Remington to learn from to elevate your next Mum Marketing campaign:

1. Encourage influencers to demonstrate authenticity: 

It’s thrown around a lot, but are you actually listening? Time and time again we see campaigns executing copy + paste formulas with each influencer. Let each influencer share the messages that resonate best with them and their audiences and let them use their own voice to say it. Mumpower takes the time to find the right voices that are the right fit and aligned with the brand to begin with. As a result, their content is genuine and consistently outperforms those that apply a mass duplicate approach.

2. Work with influencers to deliver a variety of content:

Your brand will appeal in different ways to different audiences and each way is valuable – don’t underestimate what featuring a variety of influencers all showing a variety of brand/product messages and visuals can do for you. Mumpower encourages brands to consider content creators who reflect Mums today and who can offer differing styles of content to appeal to as many Mums as possible. This is also where participation in Mumpower’s iconic Bloggers Brunch comes into its own – meet and form long lasting relationships with influencers who you feel can deliver your brand messages.

Here’s a selection of influencers from Mumpower’s network who partnered with Remington to bring their brand to life:

3. Repurpose the content to gain more ROI! 

Consistently, we see brands who obtain incredible quality and quantities of content through campaigns but simply don’t use it. It’s not only about re-posting content to your feed. Consider how you can integrate them into retailer presentations, eDM’s and your website. Take quotes from the influencers captions to use as testimonials! Maximise your ROI and plan how you will take a single post to the masses!

Here’s a basic example of Remington maximising ROI by re-purposing influencer content:

Credit: Image 1: @remington_anz / Image 2: @tahny89

4.  Elevate your influencer brief

The quality of the content you receive will most likely come down to the quality of your brief. Include objectives, brand/product information, must-have’s as well as some do’s and don’ts and even some prompts or content ideas! Mumpower ensures influencers have all of the information at hand to choose what resonates with them best and results in content brands are proud of.

Alynda (@mamajags) enjoys ‘the Mumpower briefs because they’re very easy to read and helpful, especially when you are time pressed and working on multiple projects (and being a mum!). I’ve had other agencies make a mess of this process, and it’s just been awkward for everybody involved.’

5.  Don’t forget your product reviews! 

Be ahead of the curve by simply not neglecting the value of product reviews in Mums buying journey. According to Mumpower’s last Australian Mums Today market research (read here), online reviews lead in the impact stakes ranked #1 as having the biggest influence and impact on ultimate final purchase (followed by social media ads, influencers and sponsored posts). Make sure your product reviews are recent.

Here’s some examples of product reviews for Remington posted by our Mumshopper network that show how Mums really feel about the brand:


Mums today are discovering new brands, gathering information and making their final decisions faster than ever before – your brand needs to be front and centre in order to capture their attention at every stage so you don’t get left behind.

Remington has achieved this and more through their strategic and layered campaign with industry research demonstrating that an incredible 99% of Mum Shoppers (an increase of 5% YOY) from the Mumpower network will happily recommend this brand – and in the context of Mums and word of mouth, this is referral of the highest regard and sales gold.

As a result of the success achieved in our initial 12-month partnership, Remington are again working with Mumpower to deliver exceptional results for their new ONE range of products that hit shelves late 2023. The new range was the focus of their pre-Christmas influencer campaign which certainly delivered with over 40 pieces of re-purposeable content published and an average engagement rate of 17%.

Remington Brand & Communications Manager said:

“When we started this campaign, we weren’t exactly sure how the 2-in-1 would be taken up in the market in the way that it actually did; we didn’t know if people would think it’s complex to use and how it would perform.

The content with Mumpower really impacted the sales. We’re getting stronger and stronger every campaign. From the influencers that we’ve chosen to the versatility, the diversity of how you can use the products, it’s going to be fantastic to have all this content that we can use on our socials. We have so much to choose from now, which is great!”

What tips can you apply to your brand or influencer program to better connect with today’s Mums?