November 20, 2023

Stuck On You, a trusted name in personalised labels and children’s essentials for nearly 30 years joined forces with Mumpower in July 2023, a marketing leader in connecting brands with Australian mums, to cement relationships and propel brand awareness with the next generation of Mums.

Since the beginning of the partnership, Stuck On You leveraged Mumpower’s vast network of Australian Mum shoppers to drive product trial and reviews with consumers and educate and empower mum influencers to spread the word with millions of followers.

And Mums are loving the brand.  Through product reviews alone, Stuck On You’s rating soared from 2.1 to an impressive 3.5 stars, accompanied by a staggering 300% increase in 4 and 5-star reviews. Given that Mum-to-Mum endorsement is one of the most trusted forms of marketing, the brand’s 180 new testimonials are reaching more prospective customers than ever, many who also chose to openly share these positive reviews on social media.

“I’ve previously bought stick-on labels for my toddler’s items, and after a few uses and washes, they start peeling – NOT THESE! They are BRILLIANT! They are such good quality vinyl, and after multiple uses and washes, they are just as good as when I first got them. I highly recommend them to anyone.” – Grace (QLD)

“Stuck on You has made parenting a breeze. Their personalized products add organization and a personal touch to our hectic family life, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to fellow parents.” – Eureka (VIC)

To propel the momentum from the initial campaign, in October Stuck On You exhibited at Australia’s longest-running influencer event, the Bloggers Brunch, to directly educate 85 creators with a combined reach of more than 3 million mums. As a result, the brand activated a robust Black Friday mum influencer marketing campaign with 12 creators with a combined audience of 273,000 and enjoyed more than 200 pieces of organic coverage within days!

“Overall, I was really pleased with the event. I was super impressed with the organization and I totally saw the dollar value in how the influencers were posting and what they were posting with immediate use of the product. It exceeded my expectations.”  Annemieke Mensink, Stuck On You General Manager.

To leverage this heightened brand awareness Stuck On You have locked in a further 14 creators in a dominant ‘Back to School’ influencer marketing program.

Mumpower CEO Christie Nicholas says:
“We’re so thrilled to collaborate with a global brand with such rich history and be the marketing partners of choice on their growth journey. I relate to the origin story of Stuck On You so much as we both started locally as Mums that identified a gap in the market that resonated with so many. Years on, it’s so important to resonate with the ever-changing customer and we’re excited to help shape this much-loved brand to connect with today’s Mum.”

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