June 12, 2020

Mumpower delivers the Australia’s Premier influencer Marketing event, the Bloggers Brunch throughout key capital cities, where leading brands and leading influencers take centre stage.

What started as the industry’s best kept secret 10 years ago, has morphed into an organically grown platform. The Bloggers Brunch accelerates and leverages brand awareness, with grassroots marketing to bring the online world, offline.

This event has been home to hundreds of brands, both established and emerging, involving thousands of influencers along the way.

The Bloggers Brunch™, now Australia’s Premier Influencer Marketing Event:

  1. Removes the online disconnect and unites influencer mums and brands through interpersonal, face to face experiences.
  2. Therefore, enables both the influencer and the brand to fast-track authentic interactions and facilitate a B2C relationship. This is then authentically shared with their (collectively) 2 Million+ readers.
  3. And, delivers an emotive and immediate touch point online via: videos, social posts, stories, powerful imagery, testimonials, product reviews. These touch points lead to brand advocacy, word-of-mouth (WOM) and mum to mum advocacy.

Christie Nicholas, Managing Director of Mumpower has spent almost 20 years marketing brands to women, and has curated the event from its beginning. Nicholas believes:

“The Bloggers Brunch™️ gives brands and influencers the unique opportunity to fast-track perfectly aligned partnerships that go beyond a single post and deliver amplified results. We do this by creating a brand experience. Without an experience, there is no emotion. Without emotion there is no advocacy. And advocacy is the catalyst to a brand’s success. In today’s very noisy online marketing sphere, the power and ability to do this well, is critical to growth.”

One of the long-term brand partners involved in the Bloggers Brunch, Jen Harwood of Happy Hair Brush explains:

“Influencers need to meet us, see us and most importantly experience our product. If they love our product and share it, that gives us the 3rd party credibility with potential customers. This event enables us to get to the majority of influencers FIRST. This let’s us to establish ourselves as the leaders and the response has been incredible! We can hardly keep up. Influencers create powerful, genuine content that speaks about the problem our product solves and our relationships with them is personal.” (See sales results for this brand)

As online platforms are moving away from vanity metrics, it is relationships, that matter most.

“Potential customers are more receptive to the messages coming from someone they already know, trust and clearly believes in the product” Nicholas adds.

The Bloggers Brunch is the ONLY event on an influencers calendar designed to directly introduce influencers with hot brands and key contacts keen to ignite relationships.

Vanessa, regular attendee and the face behind popular blog and social channels, Child Blogger believes:

“the event provides you with the ability to interact, develop and grow a long-term partnership with many diversified brands. Naturally, it’s a good opportunity to meet the humans behind the brand and decided if their values and messages provided authenticity to your blog.”

Hundreds of brands have participated at this event include a mix of global brands. These include Coles, Kmart, Moose Toys, Dyson, Spotlight, Steggles, RYOBI, Cobs, Waterwipes, Medela and more (See what our happy customers said)

Discover what happens when the online and offline worlds unite. And explore the role influencers play in educating the wider audience and why more brands want messages shared organically and transparently.

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